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Off Road Enhancements
For people who want effective off roading and greenlaning whilst proecting your vehicle, we can supply and fit the modifications to meet your needs. Our range is extensive and includes: snorkels, lift kits, roll cages, underbody protection, winches, bucket seats and harnesses.
We also offer professional enhancements and prepare vehicles for Long Distance Rallys (such as the H.E.R.O. events, London –Sydney etc), Raides, Trials and Competitive Safaris.


Engine & Transmission conversions

We can convert your old petrol or diesel , Series I,II,III, 90 or 110 to a modern Tdi unit from a Discovery or Defender. This offers far better MPG and performance and can still be put back to standard should it be required.

Classic Land Rover Gearbox rebuilds, our boxes are second to known and built with love and care

Series gearboxes have always been weak and we are able to convert your vehicle to a 5 Speed Land Rover gearbox without major modifications. This goes superbly with a Tdi conversion and guarantees reliability and hassle free motoring.



Performance & Tuning

EGR removal, intercooler upgrades, Morgan Hill boost pins, silicone hoses, VGT turbos, free flow exhausts.

Drive train upgrades, 4 pin diffs, diff pegging, ratio changes, uprated half shafts & flanges



custom resprays, accident repair, general bodywork including door replacement, bulkhead swaps, bodywork conversions eg. hard top or van to station wagon, soft top or truck cab



immobilisers, supplier of Thatcham spec Cat 2 alarms, pedal locks, handbrake locks for Series Land Rovers, internal bonnet hinges, removeable steering wheels, trackers, ignition barrel locks

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